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A 19th century house whose architectonic traits are typical of the Ribatejo region. This Portuguese country-side house with wide, white and ivied walls has always belonged to the same family (for four generations).

Its name results from the fact that, in the past, the neighbouring lands had to pay “rent or obligations” (“foro or foral” - in Portuguese). Casa do Foral has ribatejo countryside stylish bedrooms. With a fresh environment of a swimming pool and the garden, populated by centenary trees, there is a large leisure room, equipped with a billiard and several multiple usage tables. 

Casa do Foral is located in the centre of Rio Maior.


Prices Casa do Foral

Double Room - 65€/noite

Single Room- 50€/noite

Extra Bed*:

  • 1 Person - 18€ per night
  • 2 Person - 25€ per night

Breakfast included